Victoria, BC
Evolution 6 24 x 24

A friend once told me I am a “Renaissance man” indeed!

I am a chef, musician, designer and contemporary artist.

I was born in Blackpool England. As a child my family moved to New Plymouth, New Zealand where I started school; then a few years later we moved to Canada where I finished my education. Upon completion of high school I entered into an apprenticeship as a chef. I also developed a love for music and taught myself how to play the guitar. I became accomplished as an entertainer and a songwriter, playing at many different venues, churches, restaurants, hotels, and pubs.

It seemed innate within me to create and I love art in all its forms; particularly if it is a bit “out-of-the box”!

I have an eye for something that is “just a little bit different” and that can be seen in everything I create. I have always “painted outside of the lines” in everything I have done. It is no wonder that this progression has brought me into the world of contemporary abstract art.

My art was quickly and warmly embraced by the public from the beginning and I sold my first painting only days after it was completed. Over the years that trend has continued. Not being one to settle for the “status quo” of working in one media type, over time, I have worked in several different mediums including sculpture, digital art, collage, and currently working in (or should we say exploring) the world of acrylic and mixed media. 

My creative process is primarily experimental. I continue to push myself out of my comfort zone often with unique and inspiring results.

My work has found homes in private collections in Canada, USA, Sicily, China and the Cayman Islands. I am also represented by galleries in Canada and the United States.